tirsdag den 12. juli 2016

Ikatee - Blouse Majorque (and a tiered skirt)

I've been discovering a couple of - to me at least - new pattern companies lately.

Last week I showed you my take on the Xandan Dress pattern designed be Blaverry Patterns.

Today it's the Majorque Blouse designed by Ikatee.com/Ikatee.fr.

Stéphanie - the designer behind Ikatee -  just lanched the English version of the website a week ago. She hasn't yet translated all her (French) patterns, so at this moment you'll find a larger selections of patterns on the French site.

Ikatee offers patterns mainly designed for newborns-8 years old, but this Majorque Blouse pattern includes sizes 9 and 10 as well. Please do continue to do this, Stéphanie!

It was love at first sight when I first saw this blouse on Ikatee's Instagram profile; the tie-back detail is just so adorable.

I made Wilma a size 9 and lengthened it a bit. Apart from that no alterations were made. And I made her a simple tiered skirt to go with the top.

The bird printed (what is it with me and birds lately?!) satin is from Stoff & Stil.


fredag den 8. juli 2016

Xandan Dress

She, who has many dresses just got one more!

She, who swims a lot has got a new dress with tiny swimming ladies - and claims that the tiny bathing babes look a bit like tiny shrimps!

And, she loves her shrimp ladies dress!

This is my first attempt with Blaverry Patterns. I've been drooling over this Xandan dress pattern for quite some time and with the summer holidays approaching now was the perfect time to sew my baby girl a new summery dress.

Wilma is tall for her age. She turned nine in march is 145+ cm tall and average built. Based on her measurements I made her a size 8. It was pretty loose fitting and the bodice was a bit too long imo, so I shortened it and took the bodice in a bit. It's still pretty roomy in the waist area so next time I might taper the bodice a bit towards the waist. The bodice is fully lined - and the skirt has pockets! Ah, pockets. Probably the best part if you ask Wilma. I love the high(er) neckline on this dress.

The gorgeous shrimp ladies poplin fabric is from The Sweet Mercerie but unfortunately (and understandably) sold out.


fredag den 1. juli 2016

Feelin' An-spired

Today is all about An!

A little while back Suz contacted me and these talented bloggers below to see if we would be interested in joining her for a little sewing fun. Anspired sewing fun. An of StraightGrain is such an inspiration to this bunch of sewing geeks and a lot of you out there, I know for sure.

I got to meet An irl a couple of months ago in London, and she is just as sweet as I had imagined. With impeccable taste in fabric and design. (You should see her in a Liberty store....all heart eyed).

An is all about lovely bright colors, preferably mustard, mint and pink, stunning landscape prints, perfect details, a little Liberty and amazing dresses and jackets. An has been offering great pdf patterns for some years now, and has recently released her very first paper pattern - the beautiful Moiano - way to go, girl!!

Here's my Anspired outfit for Wilma. A pink/mustard drop shoulder color block dress and a matching jacket with a 'hidden pocket' detail. The dress is a vintage McCalls pattern hack and the jacket is based on a vintage Vogue pattern. I drafted the pocket detail myself.

All the fabric is from The Sweet Mercerie. The jacquard I used for the jacket is sold out but the gorgeous crepe is still available, I believe.


Thank you so much for inviting me and organizing this little tribute, Suz.

tirsdag den 28. juni 2016

A Pink Lady and a 'London Sew Social' Giveaway

Here's a crazy bird lady. 'Sings With Swallows' she's called. And that's so not true. I could never be a crazy bird lady, see I have this rather strained relationship with birds. Buzzards in particular. Twice I've been attacked by one of these beasts during a run. Yikes. And, I prefer my swallows printed on a fabric and my chickens on a plate. So, no, I'm not a bird person (the same thing goes for cats and dogs. I'm more of a turtle person....)

I do love me a good swallow print fabric, though. Especially this gorgeous crepe version from The Sweet Mercerie. It was surprisingly easy to work with and I just love how this blouse turned out. The pattern is from a Scandinavian sewing magazine (sorry). I've paired the blouse with a pair of cropped cross front pink pants. It's a Burda pattern 6770 - and that yummy pink crepe is also from The Sweet Mercerie. Pink Lady. 

Would you like to get your hands on some pretty birds, well then enter our 'London Sew Social' giveway and hope to win Pack 2?!

Below you'll see what the four goodie packs include, you lucky ones! Just enter the Rafflecopter at the very bottom and keep your fingers crossed. 

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Here's what the goodie packs include:

Pack 1

Pretty Panda fabric from Poppy
B inspired sewing pattern magazine by Poppy
2m of your choice of fabric from Girl Charlee
3 spools of thread from Aurifil
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By Hand London Holly Jumpsuit paper pattern
Stylish Dress Book from Tuttle
Sewbox goodies includes: Hot Patterns babydoll nightgown, robe and panties. A small piece of Liberty lawn and a few haberdashery items.

prize 2

Pack 2

Pretty Panda fabric from Poppy
B inspired sewing pattern magazine by Poppy
2m of your choice of fabric from Girl Charlee
4 spools of thread from Aurifil
25%off voucher for Joyfits
She Wears the Pants from Tuttle
Sewbox goodies includes: Hot Patterns Deco Vibe Shadow Woven T-shirt & Tunic, Hot Patterns Mini Me essential dress & top for kids, 2 small pieces of Liberty lawn and some haberdashery items.

prize 3

Pack 3

Pretty Panda fabric from Poppy
B inspired sewing pattern magazine by Poppy
2m of your choice of fabric from Girl Charlee
3 spools of thread from Aurifil
25%off voucher for Joyfits
By Hand London Victoria Blazer paper pattern
She Wears the Pants from Tuttle
Sewbox goodies includes: Hot Patterns 1152 - Fast & Fabulous Origami Knit Top, a small piece of Liberty lawn and a few haberdashery items.

pack 4

Pack 4

£50 voucher to spend at The Village Haberdashery
2m of your choice of fabric from Girl Charlee
Alfa goodies including: 2x Do it Yourself pattern kits and 1x Do it Yourself Patchwork Sewing Accessories box

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Be sure to visit the rest of the 'London Sew Social' gang and see the talented ladies work their magic!

onsdag den 1. juni 2016

So simple - skirt and top

There's really not much to say about this outfit. It's so very simple, so very comfy and so very cute imo.

The skirt has side seam pockets and elastic waist and the top is just an easy pull over thing with a gathered skirt - nothing fancy.

Both fabrics - linen and cotton - are from Stofdepotet. I'll let the photos do the rest of the talking.

torsdag den 26. maj 2016

London Sew Social - and a Pineapple Groove Dress

I spend the first weekend of May in London with a bunch of other sewing geeks enthusiasts - and yes, it was amazing!! 15 women sharing the passion for fabric and sewing. 15 women from all over Europe.

The 'Party Planners' German Annika from Näh-connection and Gioia from Italy blogging at Dotta Sews - thank you so much for organizing this, sweet ladies.

The Portuguese Posse - oh, those amazing ladies have invented a whole new language. 'Sewtoguese'. Seriously hilarious. Marta from Do Guincho, Andreia from In a Manner of Sewing and Ines from La Folie Sewing Booth - you're the best!!

(Btw - Ines and I made a little jingle. It will go viral for sure should we choose to release it. 'You Can't Notch This' - an ode to the sewing people! We just have to clear a few things with MC Hammer and we're good to go.)

This brings us on to the UK delegation - Laura (and adorable baby Willow) from Craftstorming/Titchy Threads, Victoria from As it Seams, Toya from Made by Toya, Maria from My Cozy Co. (who had made beautiful personalized pin cushions (or Barbie pillows) as gifts for all of us) and Olu blogging at Needle and Ted. Olu is also part of the team behind Madeit Patterns, who has designed the Groove Dress below.

Sweet, kind Liesl from Oliver + S (yes, that Liesl!) represented both the US and Spain, as she is currently living in Europe.

Maartje from Huisje Boompje Boefjes - not only does that girl make amazing clothes for her boys, she also has great taste in music. More music and beers next year, my Dutch friend. (And much more Oranje talk. I was a big fan of your national football team from the 80s and early 90s.)

And finally my Belgian buddies, An from Straight Grain and Eva from By Eva Maria. Über talented (and funny) women, those two.

With the tour came a lot of sponsored gift - lucky us! Fabric, patterns, haberdashery. And lucky you, because in a few weeks we'll spoil you with a giveaway including some amazing gift from some of our sponsors.

Here's Wilma getting her groove on in the newly released pattern from Madeit Patterns - The Groove Dress. Ahem, this is actually the third Groove Dress I've made for her. Yes, it's that good, and yes, there will be lots more. She's a big fan of the high low hem. The adorable pineapple fabric was kindly sponsored by Girl Charlee Fabrics UK.