mandag den 2. februar 2015

Bertram's tracksuit!

I hereby declare track suits the new black. 

A couple of weeks ago I made Wilma a track suit and now Bertram got himself one as well. 

The 1980s were the shit and we salute 'em!

Once again it's a pair of Mini Hudson Pants and a Onion 20047 raglan sweat shirt. My two favorites for the kids right now. 

The fabric is this gorgeous two toned black/teal sweatshirt fabric from Stofdepotet.

And he really is happy about this outfit - he's just pissed at the sun in his eyes!

Et nyt outfit til Bertram. Mini Hudson Pants og Onion 20047 raglan sweatshirt. Det vanvittigt lækre isoli stof er fra tadaaaaaaa Stofdepotet 

10 kommentarer:

  1. he looks awesome. super radical. tubular, even! can't think of any other 80s slang right now, it's late. but really, i love this track suit. it's perfect on him!

  2. The outfit! Your boy!!!!!! And you are right about tracksuits, they are hip & happening!

  3. Oh man, that boy sure is going to break some girls' hearts!

  4. Ooh, your boy rocks in that track suit! Love it!