søndag den 7. juni 2015

Pullover Dresses

I've made Wilma a couple of pullover dresses.

Pullover dresses = no hair getting caught in zippers or buttons = favorites!

These dresses started with the Trop Top pattern designed by Ivanne S. but with a bunch of alterations. I guess the neckline is the only thing left unaltered.

Today I'll show you the original - The Grey One

It's made of a light weight (cotton) blend from Stofdepotet.

Not much to say. As you can see it's pretty simple. The back is a little lower than the front.

The first photo shows how the dress looked in the morning. Freshly ironed.

The rest of the photos show reality.

I want to make a bunch of these dresses. For me as well.

8 kommentarer:

  1. Super lækker.

    Kh. Linette

  2. Her hair is just so beautiful! I'm sure this is a comfortable option for both the curls and Wilma herself :)

  3. Oooo, I would wear this too! Love the pattern changes, I'm a fan of little girl dresses without fasteners, so easy to wear.

  4. Hvor er det bare en skøn kjole. Her er kjoler uden lynlåse og knapper også et hit - og især fordi de ikke hænger fast i håret ;-)

  5. Great dress! I love the 'before' and 'after' pictures, this is reality :-)

  6. Virkelig fin og enkel! Jeg vil have en i voksenstørrelse! :)