søndag den 18. september 2016

Simplicity 1158 and sort of....

I've been having a little fun with Simplicity 1158.

The first thing I made based on this pattern was a short jumpsuit, then I made the jumpsuit Luna is wearing below. After that I got creative and made myself a dress, loved it so much and made one more - this one below. This nude beige dress is a severely hacked version of the pattern. In fact this is a refashioned version of a refashion. The first version looked like this. I liked but didn't love it - and never wore it. Then I added an elastic waist to the dress - which helped but still it just stayed in my closet. The fabric is just so gorgeous; a peachskin fabric with a very subtle sheen, that it deserved to get worn - so recently I butchered the dress and turned it into this little number. I didn't have fabric enough to make the original pleated version of the bodice, so I had to settle for simple gathered one instead (I like it though). Furthermore it was impossible to make the original ties from the rather small pieces of fabric I had to work with, so these ties are actually the neckline binding from the previous dress. Way to go, me! On Luna's jumpsuit you can see how wide the ties are meant to be - but I think these skinny ties work as well. Luna's jumpuit is lengthened a bit at the bodice part because of her height but apart from that it's a size 10 straight from the envelope. I should mention that the original pattern doesn't include a dress option but you can pretty much add any skirt to the bodice and it'll work out fine.


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  1. Love the dress, but oooooooooooooh, that jumpsuit! <3

  2. gorgeous girls wearing gorgeous outfits!