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Inari - again....and again!

Hi I'm Trine, but you might know me as the Inari Lady.

I'm not a 100% sure but I think the two below might be my Inaris 8 and 9. Yes, I'm making all the Inaris!! All the originals and all the hacks.

It's only a matter of time before the machine can do the Inari all by itself.

It's an easy to sew but very well designed cocoonish sack dress. A genuine man repeller (not that it'll ever stop me). A sucker for sacks - that's me!

The original pattern comes with a crop tee and a dress option. So far I've only made Inari Dresses but as you shall see I made a tee as well this time.

Let's start with the dress. This pink baby is made of the softest, easy to handle faux stretchy suede from Stofdepotet. Perforated faux suede. As I wrote in my previous blog post I just had to make something for myself with this fine fabric.

I didn't make any changes to the top part of the dress. Well, I omitted the neckline facings (I'm not a fan of the facings as they are designed for this particular dress. I have used them a couple of times, but I've always added a little width to them as I find them too narrow.) In fact this time I made the easiest neckline finish of all times - just turned under once and topstitched. Not the prettiest finish but the easiest one to do in stretchy fabric. Shame on me. I did make some changes to the bottom hemline as you can see. Instead of making the side slits I did a curved hem on both front and back. And I left the hemline raw. I might do a hemline facing at some point, but I'm not sure it'll be necessary as the fabric doesn't really fray. I really like how this new hemline turned out. I'm still a big fan of the original side slits I just wanted to try something new.

And now for the tee. I made myself this soft, drapy high collar Inari tee. And then Luna stole it....

As you can see I changed the neckline. I raised it a little both front and back and added a simple, semi-high collar. I didn't make any changes to the sleeves but I did add some length to the tee. Luna loves it so much. She has several fitted turtleneck tees - but wasn't even aware that she was missing a slouchy short sleeved version before she saw mine. Now ours.

This knit fabric is also from Stofdepotet.

And finally show Mum your 'cute Kindergartner pose' ....(she'll hate me for this)

Disclaimer: The Inari pattern was gently provided by Indiesew but the thoughts, words and opinions are mine all mine.

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  1. adorable. always. love both versions! it's a great sign when a blogger makes one pattern over and over again...that does more to convince me of it's greatness than anything they might say, you know??

  2. I love the sleeves and the neckline of the dress! And the way you cut the hem is really fantastic! Also, isn't that how it goes with kids - one moment they're in kindergarten and the next, they're all grown up! It really flies!

  3. Hilarious words, great outfits!

  4. Man repeller... You're too funny! Love yhe dress 'cause I love sacks too. And that top... Can't blame your daughter for stealing it.

  5. Geni streg efter geni streg! Den nye slids detalje er fantastisk paa kjolen og en Inari Tee med en halv-hoej krave er da UH SAA GOO' en ide!! Du er en evig inspirations-kilde min ven!

  6. Beautiful! Love that fancy hemline on the dress!

  7. I'm a sucker for sacks also and this is just perfect! I only made 4 inari dresses and one tee so far, but this fabric makes me want to do one more! It really is beautiful. From the colour to the rounded hem... love it! And no wonder your daughter "stole" your top, with such a stylish mamma...

  8. FED kjole, og hvor ser det lækker ud, det ruskinds look a like rosa stof. Candyfloss..!!

  9. You always look amazing in the inari dress! the pink suede works perfectly with the shape of the dress. The t-shirt is fabulous too! the high neck looks very nice! and you are such a great mama to share it with your daughter :)

  10. Wow! It's beautiful! I want to make it but witch pattern did you use from inari?

    1. The pattern is called Inari and designed by Named Clothing.