tirsdag den 23. februar 2016

Pretty in Peach // Kid's Clothes Week Spring 2016

Kid's Clothes Week is back and once again I'm participating.

So, this kid. She's almost 9 years old. She's at least 142 cm tall. Face it, woman - a size 128/134ish does not fit this girl anymore!! Then why don't you start making her some clothes that will fit her?! Now, that's a good question!

I've been saving this beautiful peach colored embossed scuba jersey for something special - a peplum dress for Wilma! Peplum dress it is. Just not for Wilma, sigh! Luckily I have some fabric left, so I might give the dress another go, if I dare.

I drafted the pattern a couple of years ago and tried sizing it up - but apparently not enough.

The kimono is a modified version of New Look 6378. I shortened it a bit but kept the width, so Wilma is in fact wearing a women's size xs.

The scuba was an ebay scoop and the floral satin is from Stoff & Stil.

Kjolen er til salg for DKK 250 incl porto


fredag den 5. februar 2016

Luna's Little Black Dress

Hi there sweet followers - if there are any left out there?!

It's been a loooong time, sorry. I know that I'm very much neglecting this blog. I blame Instagram! Well, I'm back - for now at least.

My darling daughter is going to a party tonight and a girl can always use a new LBD, am I right?

So, I whipped this easy peasy one up in less than an hour - cutting and sewing included. It's based on the top pattern 22048 from Stof & Stil simply just lengthened to a dress. I added a couple of darts at the bust and left the edges raw. The dress is supposed to have a band/ribbing at the arm opening but Luna likes the deep armscye so I eliminated the band (which can always be added if she changes her mind). I also tapered the turtleneck a bit so it's more narrow in the top than the bottom.

I will hem the dress though, but the young lady hadn't time to wait for that before trying the dress. Well, I'm just happy that she's still so eager to test her mum made clothes :-)

The fabric is black scuba also from Stof & Stil. Scuba is just perfect for those fitted dresses.