mandag den 28. maj 2018

Calli Sundress in Chat Chocolat Fabric


After an almost 5 months long hiatus I'm back.

I'm not planning on blogging on a regular basis again, but this little project deserves some spotlight!

Chat Chocolat has just released a new fabric collection called 'A Terrace in Memphis'. This collection includes lovely printed and solid knit fabrics.

My favorites are the solid jersey tencels, but the summer sweat fabrics are beautiful as well.

Véronique from Chat Chocolat generously offered me to try some of the fabrics from this new collection and I chose the black jersey tencel you see below and a rust brown colored one as well which I'll present on my Instagram profile in a day or two.

As much as I wanted to keep the fabrics for some selfish sewing, I instantly knew that they would be perfect for gorgeous, soft summery clothes for my kiddos. Youngest kiddo once again ran with all of it, and to see the look on her face when I first showed her this dress was priceless.

My baby girl is no longer a baby girl. She is slowly turning into a young, beautiful woman, and this design paired with the solid tencel jersey is just right in every way for a tween.

The pattern I used is the Calli Sundress by Bebekins Patterns. The largest size is 10 which my tall 11 year old has long outgrown, but I figured that if  I used jersey (the pattern is designed for woven fabrics) and just lenghtened the bodice and skirt some it would work for my slender kid - and as you can see I was right.

I removed some width from the skirt and altered the shape of armholes a tiny bit - and then the lengthening mentioned above - that's it.

Look at that back. Le sigh. If only I was 20 years younger I would make something similar for myself. It's absolutely breath taking if you ask me. Wilma agrees with me. She can't recall me making her anything prettier. You could see how proud and elegant she felt, when she wore this at her summer school party last week - and my heart melted. I feel so blessed that my kids still very much appreciate what I make for them. I'm just about to finish a simple, lovely high school graduation dress for my first born. Just at she prefers it.