onsdag den 29. april 2015

She Wears The Pants...

and the sweater!

Tuttle Publishing will be releasing the English version of this great Japanese sewing book 'She Wears The Pants' mid May. Yay you say. I know that many sewers have been longing for this release and you won't be disapointed!

There are so many great designs in the 'easy sew-it-Yourself Fashion with an Edgy Urban Style'  book.

One of my favorites - and the first pattern I've tried from the book - is this Top with Epaulettes (no 4 in the book). Mine is just sans epaulettes.

I must admit that I was a little concerned about the sizing. The book includes 4 sizes - XS to L. That's all good - a little small compared to European sizes but okay. Size L is designed for a woman who is 168 cm tall with a 90 cm bust, a 70 cm waist and a 98 cm hip. And that's not me. I'm 10 cm taller and a little wider.

I chose this rather loose fitting top as my first hoping the size L would work for me. And it did. No problem at all. I lengthened the top a bit but apart from that I didn't change a single thing - except omitting the epaulettes. It was in fact loose on me. I did use a knit with only a little hold and very little recovery, but I'm sure the fit would be great even if I had chosen a 'tighter knit' to sew with. Sorry, but you'll just have to take my word for this, 'cause my daughter adopted the top as soon as she saw it, and I only have photos of her wearing it. What I'm trying to say is that this particular pattern does not run small in size. I don't know if the same goes for the rest of the patterns in the book, though.

This was a very easy make - probably the easiest one from the book. Some of the other patters are more advanced but you are guided through every design with sewing instructions and illustrations.

The fabric is from Stofdepotet (used with the wrong side of the fabric facing out - nice right?)

I'm also a big fan of this 'Gathered Blouse' (no 17)

The 'Sarraouel Trousers' and the 'Long Striped Jacket'

The Velour Blouse (this will be my next project from the book)

and the 'Dotted Blouse' and 'Semi-flared Culottes'

Thank you for letting me do this little review, Tuttle Publishing - thumbs up on this one!

onsdag den 22. april 2015

Kids Clothes Week Spring 2015 // Day 3

Finally I got started on a little kids clothes sewing. For Wilma - the one of my kids who absolutely doesn't need any new clothes....but this panda fabric is just soooooo cute and sooooo perfect for this seasons 'Wild Things' theme and soooooo not Bertram's or Albert's (or Luna's) style :-)

None of the patterns really need any further introduction as I've used and presented them several times before - but to you new comers here we go:

The pants are based on the P E R F E C T sweat pants pattern 'The Mini Hudson Pants' designed by True Bias.

The sweater is a modified version of the brillant 'Attaka Sweater' by Kleinformat.

Both patterns are among my absolute favorites. No shit. I love these patterns. Yes, I'm the weird lady who loves patterns.

All of the fabric is from Stofdepotet.dk. Love.

Wilma. Love the most.



mandag den 20. april 2015

Inari Tee Dress // Indiesew Blogger

I've taken quite a fancy on the new 'Ticket' collection from Named Patterns. I've already shown you the Alexandria Peg Trousers and now it's time for a dress....or two.

As you might have guessed from reading some of my older posts I'm a big fan of cocoon shaped dresses. Yes, those unflattering sacks according to my husband. Well, I don't care. I find them both stylish and comfortable. Ha, hubby. There will be lots more!!!

May I present the new Inari Tee Dress pattern suitable for both woven and knit fabrics. Both mine are made with woven.

The black one is made straight by the book. No alterations what so ever. And the fit is perfect - a little tight across my upper arms when I move but it'll do. The fabric is the oh so yummy cupro (or lyocell - not 100% sure) from Stofdepotet. Perfect drape and so soft to wear. I want to make all my clothes with this type of fabric from now on!

In addition to the slight cocoon shape I also really like the way the hem is finished on this dress with splits at the side seams and the back beeing a little longer than the front part. I also love the look of the turned up sleeves. There's really nothing I dislike about this pattern. I can live the with the sleeves beeing a little tight across my upper arms. Or I can do what I did with my floral take two - make dolman sleeves instead. Admittedly the dolman sleeves were primarily costructed due to lack of fabric; I didn't have enough floral crepe fabric to make set in sleeves (or neckline facing for that matter), so I had to be a little creative. Dolman sleeves and a jersey neckline binding! I barely had enough fabric but it worked. I would have preferred the sleeves to be a little longer though - well, you can't have it all. This is another luscious fabric btw. Crepe fabric from The Sweet Mercerie. Unfortunately sold out.

The dress is very, very easy to construct. Beginner friendly I would say. It has no buttons, zippers etc. and the instructions are well written and easy to understand. Thumbs up on this one.

I have Inari No 3 planned already. I want to make it a little longer in both front and back, perhaps with a curved hem and 3/4 lenght sleeves. In silk. Yes!

I'm so lucky to be a part of the Indiesew blogger team which means that once in a while I get to choose a pattern from the webshop to review. I know, lucky me. However, I will do honest reviews of the patterns I choose.

And yes, I'm head less in all photos. My hair is at that weird growing out stage when nothing imo looks remotely presentable. I was planning on letting it grow out. Now I'm not so sure anymore. I really like my short hair. Well, I have an appointment with my hair dresser next week - then we'll see.

søndag den 5. april 2015

Disco Dot Pants/Win a kit

The Sweet Mercerie - one of my favorite fabric webshops - has just celebrated it's first birthday.

Just look at this outfit for Wilma and this sweatshirt (or this). Beautiful, beautiful fabric from The Sweet Mercerie.

Yvonne who runs the web shop has invited a couple of her best customers and blogger/instagram friends to take part in the celebration.

We were offered a pattern and fabric of our own choice from the webshop. Not an easy decision as there are so so so many gorgeous patterns and fabric to choose from.

I ended up picking the new Alexandria Peg Trousers by Named Patterns. And I'm in love. A pretty easy make (pull on pants without zippers etc) - and the fit is spot on!

The fabric is this stunning 'Disco Dot' satin. I've been eyeing that fabric for quite some time now and when Yvonne presented the Alexandria trousers pattern to me some weeks back I was sold. Perfect combination! Thanks Yvonne.

In fact I've already sewn two pairs of Alexandria's. I made a pair in a dusty petrol blue double georgette as well.

The pants have some very unique pleats at the front waist, one sort of overlapping the pocket. It's not easy to see the details on my busy print pants, but take a look at the tech photo and you'll see what I mean.

The only thing I altered was the waistband. I made it a little wider than the one offered in the pattern. It's absolutely not necessary to do that, but I'm very high waisted and this is an easy way to add a little crotch length. Not that the pattern is low waisted - not at all. I'm not even sure I'll add the extra centimetres next time.

Now for the best part. Yvonne is offering this pattern/fabric kit to one of you lucky readers. All you have to do is visit The Sweet Mercerie's Facebook page and leave a comment under the photo of these pants. Easy Peasy.

Did I mention that she'll give away a new kit every day until next Friday. Now that's my favorite kind of Birthday Party.

Congrats The Sweet Mercerie and thanks for letting me be a part of this, Yvonne.

En af mine yndlings (ikke danske) webshops har netop fejret 1 års fødselsdag. Vi snakker her om en stofbutik, naturligvis. Det kommer nok ikke som en overraskelse.

The Sweet Mercerie har et sindssygt lækkert udvalg af stoffer til pæne priser. Jeg har tidligere syet et sweat-sæt til Wilma i mørkeblå isoli med diskret guldglimmer. Det stof er så fint, så fint. Wilma og jeg har også begge fået sweatshirt syet en helt speciel blomstret ru isoli

Yvonne, som styrer stofferne, har inviteret en lille flok kunder/bloggere/Instagrammere til at deltage i festivitasen. Vi har hver især fået lov at vælge og vrage blandt shoppens mønstre og stoffer. 

Jeg valgte det spritnye Alexandria Peg Trousers designet af Named Patterns. Det er første gang, jeg prøver en af deres mønstre. Men, det kunne godt være begyndelsen på et smukt venskab - for mønstret er virkelig godt designet og gennemarbejdet. Det er ret nemt at gå til, da der ikke er nogle lynlåse etc. Jeg skulle dog lige læse instruktionen et par gange for at få styr på lommer og læg. Lommerne er konstrueret en smule anderledes end jeg er vant til, men det holder. Dejlige, dybe lommer. Bukserne har fine læg foran, der lige giver mønstret det der lille ekstra. Et af læggene folder nærmest over lommeåbningen, som det ses på det sidste foto. 

Mit stofvalg er satin. Disco Dot satin. Så er der satme fest i mine bukser! Og glimmer hæle til. Yessir, I can boogie!

Nu kommer den allerbedste detalje. En af Jer kan måske vinde så'n et kit her. Altså mønster og stof. Alt I skal gøre er at besøge 'The Sweet Mercerie' på Facebook og smide en kommentar under billedet af mine bukser. Nemt, hva'? Yvonne vil allerede imorgen finde en heldig vinder. 

Til og med fredag vil der hver dag blive præsenteret en ny kreation på Facebook siden, hvortil et kit kan vindes. Yndlingsfødselsdagsfest!