fredag den 25. marts 2016

The Mila Designer Dress // Style Arc Patterns

Meet Mila - my latest obsession. She's designed by Style Arc Patterns and just so easy to get along with.

This Blue Mila is in fact my second attempt with the pattern. Mila the First is presented at the bottom of the post.

You do know how much I love an easy pattern - and no offence Mila, but you are pretty easy! No zips, buttons etc, just a simple pull over dress with some unique features. As you can see Mila has a seam down the centre front and back skirt - only the bodice has side seams. And she's cocoon shaped. Love me a good cocoon.

Blue Mila is made of midnight blue crepe from The Sweet Mercerie paired with this beautiful and slightly sheer poly/cotton blend from Miss Matatabi

I also made a new coatigan. Version 117 or something like that. Not that I'm stopping now, nononono. This little number with 3/4 length sleeves is fully lined (with the sweetest pin dot fabric) and has oversize patch pockets. For some reason we are not besties and I might have to let this one go. Maybe it's the lenght on me that I'm not too thrilled about. Dunno. Love the fabric though.

And finally Mila the First - a crepe/scuba combo. This one is a size larger than the blue and a little too roomy for me to be honest, but I can't bear to part with her. I also made the blue one a little longer than the First.

Now off to make a million more Mila's.

(Style Arc is having a spring sale in the Etsy Shop. If you enter the coupon code HAPPYEASTER25 at the check out you'll get a 25% discount on all their downloadable PDF patterns. Time to stock up. I will. Code expires on Easter Monday 2016)

mandag den 21. marts 2016

Cocoon Dress Deluxe - Wilma's Birthday dress

On March 17 my baby girl turned 9.

Naturally baby girl needed a new outfit for her birthday.

'Hey me, how about you make Wilma some new pants and a cute top. She's really in need of new pants'!

....and then I made her yet another Cocoon Dress. The most adorable one in French terry - nude pink with subtle gold sparkles from The Sweet Mercerie. For the frills I let the wrong side face out. Nice touch I think.

The back of the dress is where it's really happening - just look at that little lace applique detail, so beautiful, right?! I was a little worried that the applique would shrink when washed, but fortunately that wasn't the case.

To perfect the outfit I made Wilma a pair of Mini Virginia Leggins in a cream/gold jersey from Stofdepotet. (This jersey on the other hand was not crazy about beeing washed and all the gold sparkles as well as all the dirt vanished during first gentle machine wash). Well, cream colored leggings still looks great with her new Cocoon Deluxe. I wanted a snug fit, so I made Wilma's Mini Virginia's in a size 8/9 lengthened to a size 10/12 = perfect!

lørdag den 12. marts 2016

Robe Lora // The Lora Dress

Do you know the sewing magazine La Maison Victor? If you live in French, German or Dutch speaking European countries you probably do. Unfortunately the magazine is not available here in Denmark nor does La Maison Victor offer shipping to Denmark, but having seen so many gorgeous versions of LMV's probably most famous dress - Robe Lora - I really wanted to make one. The grass is always greener, right?! A sweet German instagram friend of mine kindly offered to send me her copy of 'the one with the Lora' - and finally I could join the Lora Gang!

It's a super simple dress that can be made in both knit and woven fabrics. I chose a burgundy diamond quilted jersey which I bought a couple of years ago from Minerva Crafts - still available I see.

I had to take my dress in a bit and added a couple of cm to the length but apart from that no alterations were made. If I make it again I might take in the sleeves a bit more and eliminate a little pleat close to the pockets (you can't really see the pleat in these photos)

I'm wearing it with another me made item; a turtle neck stretch lace top based on this Jalie pattern. The fabric was an eBay scoop.

mandag den 7. marts 2016

Faux Leather Bucket Bag

My heart skipped a beat when this beauty showed up on my Instagram feed a week ago. This awesome bucket bag is designed by one of my favorite bloggers - the stunning Sophie of Ada Spragg. I mean, just look at these jeans she made for herself. Girl crush, hello!!!! The Birkin Flares pattern is designed by a sweet and über talented friend of mine - Lauren with the blog baste and gather.

(Unfortunately my long, wide and flat butt cheeks are not made for jeans, so I'll just have to dream on....)

Back to the bag - which by the way looks great with my butt cheeks!

Inspired by Sophie I decided to make my own bucket bag. The bag is a simplified version of this pattern. I omitted the inside pocket and made non adjustable strap which I sandwiched between the lining and the exterior fabric. 

The hardest part were the grommets/eyelets. Not setting them but making the freakin' holes!! The little package of grommets I bought came with some sort of punching tool but I just couldn't hammer the holes! I then tried with some (cheap) punch pliers. A little better but I still had to use force and scissors to make proper holes. Any tips?

The pale pink perforated faux leather used for the exterior of the bag is from The Sweet Mercerie. Isn't it gorgeous? It's a little stretchy and pretty easy to sew with. Just not easy to punch holes in! 

We are going to be besties this bucket bag and me...that is if my teen doesn't steal it!