tirsdag den 22. september 2015

Coatigans (til salg)

Selvom jeg efterhånden har syet nogle stykker, er jeg på ingen måde coatigan mættet. 2 styks blev produceret forleden - og flere er på vej.

Den vamsede grå oversize coatigan i smuk uldstrik er til salg og kan erhverves for den nette sum af DKK 450 + porto. Det er en str L.


Fall. There you are again. Too soon if you ask me. I'm absolutely not done with summer.

Honestly I'm not that fond of fall - or winter for that matter. I've said it before and you'll hear it again - I'm really not into cold weather!

What I do like about fall. The colors, my birthday, coatigans and Linden sweatshirts! Yup. In less that a month I'll be 40. Freakin' forty. So I'm sewing and sewing and sewing in a vague attempt to repress that fact! Just kidding. No I'm not. Forty. I remember when I was 17 and my mum was 40 years OLD. 

Well, let's just agree that the forties are the new thirties. Forty and fabulous. My new mantra. I'll even ask force my kids to greet my with that phrase every morning. 

Back to the creative business. One can never have to many coatigans. Especially not when one turns 40. I'm not that good at repressing, huh. I've made several of these during the last couple of years but that doesn't stop me from making more. And more. And more. Same thing with the Linden sweatshirts. I have 5 already - but need at least 5 more. At least. 

Today is all about the coatigans, though. Seriously, they are so easy to make that I made two last sunday in only a few hours. 

This time my starting point was a pattern from Danish sewing magazine Alt Om Håndarbejde Symagasin 09/2015. I love the dropped shoulders on this pattern. I only made minor alterations; rounded the front and added patch pockets.

The fabric is from Stofdepotet.dk

The gray wool knit is unfortunately sold out - but you can still grab the 'fall green' right here. I know that it's described as mustard yellow, but I find it more green than yellow.

Two down - 40 to go ;-)

mandag den 7. september 2015

Sewing Indie Month Tour - The Nettie Dress

The Sewing Indie Month is upon us. Yup, there's such a thing as a SIM - and this is the second one of it's kind. September is all about celebrating the indie designers and the people who sew their patterns.

SIM was introduced last year by Mari of Seamster Patterns. This year 21 different independent designers will be sharing interviews and tutorials - and there's also a sewalong contest with fantastic prizes to be won. 

This year there has been two SIM Bundle sales. The first bundle sale was in August and below I'll present Bundle 2 which will be on sale until September 10.

Today I'm joining the pattern tour by making the Nettie (dress) from Bundle 2.

The Nettie Dress is a simple and very easy to sew close fitting dress with different sleeve, neckline and back options.

I made this black and white version for my daughter Luna, who will be celebrating her 17th Birthday in exactly a week - yay more celebration. This dress is right up her alley and I expect that she'll be begging for more.

The fabric is from Stofdepotet

 Well be back after a short commercial break :-)

And we're back....with the back

The three price tiered Bundle 2 includes the following patterns

20% of the proceeds will go to the charity Women for Women

This bunch of bloggers will all be participating in the SIM2 blog tour. Be sure to stop by. 

tirsdag den 1. september 2015

My Slouchy Haremere Coat // Merchant & Mills

I might have looked at bit like a 6 year old celebrating her birthday when I got an email from Merchant & Mills a while back. They wanted to know if I'd be interested in receiving and reviewing a copy of their third book titled 'Workbook'. No need to think twice about that offer, am I right?!

Have you taken a look inside their webshop? (If not, then don't - you'll be addicted). I mean, look at all that gorgeous linen. Be still my beating heart! I want it all!

Once I received the book I needed to figure out what to make - where to start! This book is bursting with fantastic patterns. And the photos in the book. This is probably the most beautiful pattern book I've ever come across. Such fantastic garments and styling.

I ended up choosing the Haremere Coat and next browsed through the suggested fabrics to find the perfect one for the summery version of the Haremere I had in mind. I decided on a European Laundered Linen in a blueish grey color. I believe it's called 'Silt' (if so the color is darker in real life than the one shown on the website).

Then the tracing and cutting. Based on the finished measurements I made a size M which is perfect. I'm a European size 40/42 (on a good day).

This pattern only comes in the short jacket version; you have to elongate the pattern pieces yourself to make the coat version. The book will show you how to do that. I must add that my elongated pattern pieces did not look exactly like the ones pictured in the book - but they worked fine for me anyway.

Then we have the notches. I'm a big fan of notches, but you will need to take an extra deeeeeeeep breath when tracing and cutting this baby, 'cause she has many pattern pieces and many, many, many notches. Notches for positions, notches indicating seam allowance, notches for matching - a lot. And they all look the same. To me that was a bit overwhelming and confusing to begin with, and I did not get all of them to match like they were supposed to - but I ended up with a gorgeous coat anyway with only a tiny bit of hair tearing and seam ripping.

I love how this coat is designed. It's not fully lined. The sleeves are lined, the front is not and the back has this beautiful overlapped neck lining. Beautiful.

Once I was done beeing notch intimidated the coat came together pretty easily. Every single step is very well described and illustrated with hand drawings. I did struggle a bit with the steps 28-30. Maybe it was me misunderstanding something or not doing proper notch matching, I'm not sure I did as exactly as suggested in those steps, but I got a pretty decent result anyway.

My coat is sans buttons. I might add snaps at some point - but I'm pretty sure I won't use them so why bother?!

I give to you, the slouchy linen Haremere Coat.

Thank you so much for letting me review this, Merchant & Mills. Now I'm off to finish my Fielder dress - another newly released pattern from Merchant & Mills.