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Sewing Indie Month Tour - The Nettie Dress

The Sewing Indie Month is upon us. Yup, there's such a thing as a SIM - and this is the second one of it's kind. September is all about celebrating the indie designers and the people who sew their patterns.

SIM was introduced last year by Mari of Seamster Patterns. This year 21 different independent designers will be sharing interviews and tutorials - and there's also a sewalong contest with fantastic prizes to be won. 

This year there has been two SIM Bundle sales. The first bundle sale was in August and below I'll present Bundle 2 which will be on sale until September 10.

Today I'm joining the pattern tour by making the Nettie (dress) from Bundle 2.

The Nettie Dress is a simple and very easy to sew close fitting dress with different sleeve, neckline and back options.

I made this black and white version for my daughter Luna, who will be celebrating her 17th Birthday in exactly a week - yay more celebration. This dress is right up her alley and I expect that she'll be begging for more.

The fabric is from Stofdepotet

 Well be back after a short commercial break :-)

And we're back....with the back

The three price tiered Bundle 2 includes the following patterns

20% of the proceeds will go to the charity Women for Women

This bunch of bloggers will all be participating in the SIM2 blog tour. Be sure to stop by. 

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