torsdag den 27. oktober 2016

Daughter, can I raid your closet?!

Click click click. That's the sound of me online ordering more (the very last few metres) of the fabric I used for Wilma's new pants - 'cause this mama got pant envy! If my pants turn out as well as I hope I might make another pair in this warm and cosy looking fabric.

The tee, well, I've already made one for myself using the same soft faux suede from The Sweet Mercerie. My version has short dolman sleeves - but I'm dreaming of a long sleeve high neck top in this fabric as well. Click Click.

The blazer. I was able to squeeze this one out of 1 metre of the now sold out two-tone woolen (poly) fabric. From the very last scraps I was able to cut two pockets that I might patch to the jacket.

The drop crotch pants are selfdrafted.

The tee is based on this great pattern from Jalie which includes sizes for both children and women!

The blazer is based on a vintage Vogue pattern.

Tap tap tap. That's the sound of me on my way to raid my daughter's closet.

onsdag den 19. oktober 2016

Floral Bomber Jacket for Wilma

I want that outfit. Even her dirty old boots. I want it all. 

I thought I was done with any kind of purple. '50 Shades of Purple' - that's how color define the years 2007-2010! Purple was REALLY popular during those years (at least in Denmark) and by the end of that period the color started to make sligthly nauseous! I swore that never again would I get near that color.

Well, I managed about six years without the color - and apparently that was just the right amount of time to cure my purplefobia. I'm not a fan of all purple shades (yet) but this greyish heather purple is frankly quite alright. I would even consider calling it beautiful. Phew. I did it. (It's my birthday today so that might have influenced my positive state of mind. 27. Again). 

The skirt and the top are simple self drafted makes but for the cherry on top - the gorgeous floral bomber - I used a pattern from Ottobre 03/2016. Such a great design - I mean really great and the instructions are fab! The jacket is fully lined and perfect for the not too cold and too wet autumn days. Not that we usually have a lot of those days in Denmark. Well, hopefully she can use it for spring as well. 

The design is suitable for both boys and girls so I might make one for her brother as well. Faux leather or some sort of camouflage print. 

I found the floral fabric in Stoff & Stil's upholstery fabric section

The grey linen for her blouse is from Stofdepotet and the very light weight crepe that I used for both skirt and jacket lining is from Minerva Crafts. Be sure to use a microtex needle and sharp pins for this crepe - it's very delicate and unfortunately I pulled some threads while sewing. 

Stay tuned for more purple makes. 



onsdag den 12. oktober 2016

For Sara's baby boy - (or how to scare the shit out of your husband....)

I just couldn't resist! Right after I finished this tiny set I went to hubby who was very much occupied by the computer:

Me: 'Hubby, look what I just made'
Hubby - turning around in his chair. Not.a.single.word came out of his mouth - just that 'WTF' scared look on his face!!!
And then I laughed....and so did he. Or tried. A somewhat nervous and a bit hysterical laugh.

Relax hon, this outfit is for the adorable baby boy my dear fellow 'sewing addict and fabric hoarder' Sara just gave birth to.

Congrats on baby no 4, Sara. 2 boys and 2 girls, just like me :-). 

He looks so cute - and I'm sure that he's already very much loved by his older siblings. Enjoy that baby bubble. (And be careful; baby 4 is so easy that you might start dreaming of more...just sayin'!)

For your little guy I made a tiny wool felt coat and a dribble bib. Hope you and baby boy will enjoy the gift. 


The fabric is from

A bunch of sewing blogger budies are spoiling Sara and baby boy with gifts - lean back and enjoy the tour...

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søndag den 2. oktober 2016

Schnittchen Patterns - Sewing Around the World Tour

Today I'm sharing my contribution to Schnittchen's 'Sewing Around the World' tour. I was scheduled for a September post but life and pattern making got in the way.

Some months ago the Schnittchen Girls showed me some line drawings of their AW 2016 collection and I was sold!!! Among the patterns was a dress that just screamed 'Trine, make me!' - and who am I to let down a screaming LBD?! That would be cruel, right?!

Late September the pattern was finally ready to travel from Germany to Denmark - and that Jeannie Dress was sure worth the wait.

'Mr. Draper will see you now'! With a little more boob and butt I'm pretty sure I would make a damn fine Don Draper secretary in this dress. It's got that va-va-voom in a decent way, right?! That neckline combined with the crossover bodice and the fitted skirt - so freakin' elegant, if you ask me.

The pattern is designed for woven fabrics preferably with a little stretch, but Schnittchen also suggests scuba or some other sort of stable knit; a knit with some weight, not too much stretch and great recovery, like this GOTS certified textured double knit from Stofdepotet.

This fabric was indeed perfect for the dress.

The dress is designed with at back vent for walking ease, but because of my fabric choice I omitted that one. The dress is also meant to be zipped at the side seam but again due to my stretchy jersey fabric I could leave out the zipper.

Before sewing I had a feeling that I might have to adjust the fit a teeny tiny bit. So, instead of constructing the dress as a bodice and a skirt joined at the waist seam, I joined the front skirt to the front bodice - and did the same with the back parts - before sewing the side seams of the dress, making it much easier to take in if necessary. I mainly took it in at the arm and bodice area. Not much - just a 1 cm at each side I believe. Furthermore I stitched down the cross front detail because it gaped when I moved. That's about all the changes I made. Very simple ones.

The dress is unlined but you could easily add a lining to the skirt if prefered. The sleeves are beautifully finished with facings. All hems are finished with a blind stitch - I hand stitched the sleeves and machine stitched the skirt hem.

I've got only love for this pattern.

The new collection from Schnittchen will be released on Oct 16 and I promise you it's gorgeous. Perhaps even the best so far imo.

The Jeannie Dress pattern will be available in standard European sizes (34-44) and plus sizes 46-56. Oh, this cut is perfect for plus size girls! Show them hips!

Schnittchen has offered to sponsor 3 patterns for a giveaway - just leave a comment below to enter and I'll announce the three winners on Sunday Oct  9.

Thank you so much, Silke and Co. for having me on this tour

UPDATE: Below you'll find the 3 winners

Pernille E (comment no 22)
Anne (comment no 3)
Homemade by Jill (comment no 53)

Send me an email, you lucky girls :-)