onsdag den 19. oktober 2016

Floral Bomber Jacket for Wilma

I want that outfit. Even her dirty old boots. I want it all. 

I thought I was done with any kind of purple. '50 Shades of Purple' - that's how color define the years 2007-2010! Purple was REALLY popular during those years (at least in Denmark) and by the end of that period the color started to make sligthly nauseous! I swore that never again would I get near that color.

Well, I managed about six years without the color - and apparently that was just the right amount of time to cure my purplefobia. I'm not a fan of all purple shades (yet) but this greyish heather purple is frankly quite alright. I would even consider calling it beautiful. Phew. I did it. (It's my birthday today so that might have influenced my positive state of mind. 27. Again). 

The skirt and the top are simple self drafted makes but for the cherry on top - the gorgeous floral bomber - I used a pattern from Ottobre 03/2016. Such a great design - I mean really great and the instructions are fab! The jacket is fully lined and perfect for the not too cold and too wet autumn days. Not that we usually have a lot of those days in Denmark. Well, hopefully she can use it for spring as well. 

The design is suitable for both boys and girls so I might make one for her brother as well. Faux leather or some sort of camouflage print. 

I found the floral fabric in Stoff & Stil's upholstery fabric section

The grey linen for her blouse is from Stofdepotet and the very light weight crepe that I used for both skirt and jacket lining is from Minerva Crafts. Be sure to use a microtex needle and sharp pins for this crepe - it's very delicate and unfortunately I pulled some threads while sewing. 

Stay tuned for more purple makes. 



9 kommentarer:

  1. I totally agree! Purple, the right shades, are definitely on a comeback. That bomber, I love it! And happy 27th birthday, again! ;)

  2. She looks so grown-up, that little girl is gone… Love the outfit ànd the colours, though I'm not a purple fan myself (unless it has something to do with Prince).
    Happy birthday by the way, you young chick! x

    1. Thanks hon - and I agree - Prince presents the best kind of purple 😍

  3. I'm not into wide tops and wide skirts combined, but I just love the combination of the top and the bomber! The right amount of sweetness and coolness :-) Belgian fashion didn't have its purple period but still I'm not that fond of the colour (although it used to be my favourite when I was, well, 5 or so). But to me this doesn't count as purple! Its super stylish!
    Happy birthday! Maybe you should sew yourself a bomber too, as a birthday present to yourself :-)

  4. yeah, i wanna own one of those too :)
    beautiful wilma and beautiful jacket! and happy birthday, fabulous lady :) :*

  5. I want her outfit too! Happy birthday, you young thing!

  6. Happy birthday🇩🇰 I normally never comment on the blogs that I follow (I know, I really should!!!). But Since it's your birthday, I just wanted to let you now that I love your blog, and is 'oh so happy' every time I realize that there is a new post from you. Thanks for a fabulous blog with the coolest sewing and the greatest sense of humor!