søndag den 13. november 2016

The Acton Dress by In The Folds

The Acton Dress is the latest release from the very talented Emily of In The Folds. She has previously released the very popular 'The Rushcutter Dress' and my guess is that The Acton Dress will be just as popular if not more! It's that good, my friends. Really.
The Acton is available in 10 sizes (!) from bust 76 cm to 131 cm and includes 2 different skirt options and 2 bodice options.

My version is bodice B paired with skirt A (without pockets) in a size E. It is a little loose fitting so I might blend between sizes D and E the next time I make the dress. I lengthened the dress a couple of centimetres - and will probably add more length next time. I love for my dresses to hit just below the knee. Don't get me wrong, I'm absolutely not complaining about this version - I'm very very much in love with how this baby turned out. My favorite part is the bodice/neckline. I love that high neckline with the racerback and cut away shoulders and I'm definetely making more Actons once summer hits Denmark again, cause yes - I'm standing bare shouldered in the snow! I could also see this bodice paired with a more fitted skirt  - or a drapey maxi skirt version. Yes!!!! I want all the Actons!


The other day I showed a little sneak peek of the dress on Instagram promising more info on how I would winterize the Acton.  Here I'm wearing it under a belted blouse - but it also looks great with a fitted turtleneck under or perhaps styled with a warm cardi and ditto tights.

The beautiful 'Eucalytus Leaves' is from True Fabrics.

An all Aussie dress.

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  1. Brrrtt, I feel cold just by seeing your bare shoulders in the snow! But I agree this will be a perfect one for spring and summer

  2. It's beautiful and youthfull (is that a word?)!

  3. very beautiful! I saw another version in a Facebook group and pinned it right away, I actually pinned both the patterns from In the fold, both are lovely, so I guess I will buy them sooner or later ;-) Very nice dress you made!!

  4. Lovely! Great fabric, too!

  5. Totally Aussie & totally gorgeous!

  6. Trine, well done, again! You look absolutely georgius in that dress! By the way, fabric is available here ;)

    Unfortunately our website is in German, but if you have any questions feel free to ask on facebook, twitter or via mail!

    1. Thank you very much for the gorgeous fabric. I've already linked directly to the fabric at the bottom of my blogpost :-)