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The Refashioners 2018: Inspired by

Hello - are you still out there?

I'm not doing a very good job keeping this blog alive, but once in a while I feel inspired to write a post.

Talking about inspiration - the theme for this year's 'The Refashioners' challenge is 'Inspired by...(take your pick). 

For the 6th time Portia of Makery  is hosting this great challenge, where the participants are challenged to refashion unloved garments into hopefully loveable ones.

Today I'm the blogger in the spotlight. Do yourselves a favour and check how the other participating bloggers have worked their magic on some unwanted garments. One word. Wow. They are so good!

Just look at Toya's amazing embroidery skills. I'm in awe. And how about them ruffles on Kate's new dress?! I want that dress (but I'll let Kate keep it because I couldn't wear it half as well as she does).

Well, back to little old me.

I chose to let the fabric do the talking for me. I found this women's skirt at one of my local thrift shops - and I gladly paid the 40 DKK for this print. It was one of those garments that caught my eye the minute I entered the shop - and I immediately thought 'Motoreta'. For those of you who are not familiar with the brand, it's a Spanish based company offering children's wear. I love their simple, comfortable yet interesting and unique designs. Just as Kate above I have a thing for ruffles and flounces - and so does Motoreta.

I turned the paneled skirt into a top for Wilma. I wanted to make the flounce from the same fabric, but because of the panel shapes I would need to piece the flounce and I wasn't sure how it would drape if it had extra seams, so I chose to make the flounce from the skirt's lining (the blue) and paired it with the black crepe from one of my own skirts that I butchered for this purpose. A Gabriola skirt I made years ago - and haven't worn in about 3 years since it's to big. Another paneled skirt that gave me a challenge. I had hoped to make ankle length trousers for the kiddo from the fabric, but that just couldn't be done, so instead I made her shorts inspired by the pants.

The top is self drafted - and the shorts are based on Toya's (yes the same Toya) 'The Graphite Trousers'. My original plan was to hack the pattern a bit to make the wider legged 'Cala' inspired trousers. The shorts are just as Toya drafted them.

My inspiration for the top is the 'Mariana' - I just added a back zipper (that I removed from my Gabriola skirt) instead of a v-back and buttons.

Since autumn has found it's way to Denmark consider this outfit her first for summer 2019. Never have I been that well prepared before.

Hope you like it - and thank your for inviting me, Portia.




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