tirsdag den 1. november 2016

Karl - you womanizer, you!!!

Meet my latest addiction - Karl.

This bad boy hasn't been around for that long but he's already hugging women all over the world, and I'm not even ashamed to admit that I've fallen for him too. Hard!

I've been fooling around with Karl for a week or so now and boy is he good - real good! Hugging me all the right places.

Since I'm all about sharing you can have your own piece of Karl if you're into that kind of guy.

Today Monika of Schneidernmeistern - the mastermind behind - is releasing the pattern for your new beau. With an introduction discount even.

Here's how Monika describes Karl:

Karl is a cozy, high collar, sweater dress in midi length. The unpretentious design creates a timeless look. Karl has a slightly oversized fit, a funnel neck and a side pocket.

My Karl is a slightly modified size 40. I've lowered the funnel neck a bit and taken in the dress mostly at the sleeves/upper body and also lengthened it a bit.

This is My Blue Karl. I posted My Green Karl on Instagram a couple of days ago with the original higher funnel neck and I love both versions.

The green is a wool jersey and the blue is a modal jersey - with a gorgeous peach skin surface.

I want all the Karls....

Mrs. Karl


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