onsdag den 23. november 2016

Wilma's coatigan.

A vest, that's what's missing in your wardrobe, Trine. A long, oversized striped vest. Good idea, me!
Cut cut sew sew. Meh. Wrong length and wrong something with the draped front. No, not the drape. Wrong fabric for the design. Dammit.

Hmmm, what to do?! If you unpick a little here, cut here, use the front facings for sleeves - with a seam down the top of the sleeve or else you won't have enough fabric - then maybe you'll be able to turn this failure into an oversized coatigan for Miss W instead. It has to work because the fabric is soooo good.

Happy dance. It worked. I used a pattern from B-Trendy Magazine as base - lengthened the pattern a bit, drafted different (huge) pockets et voila. A gorgeous new oversized coatigan for Wilma. Perfect for the Danish fall.

The shirt is from Zara and the jeggings from H&M



7 kommentarer:

  1. Oh, that worked out sooooo good! I bet you're sorry you don't get to wear it now...

  2. it's adorable, and stylish.. w is one lucky girl :)
    and maybe we're not meant to wear long vests :D i've been thinking of making one too, but i'm not sure should i go that way..

  3. Gorgeous!! Some pretty awesome recycling you did there.

  4. My failures never turn out this good. It's great!

  5. Love it! I want Wilma's wardrobe!!

  6. I love this cardigan! I followed the link to find out more about the fabric but I was taken to a page listing a number of fabrics and not speaking Danish (sadly!) I couldn't figure out which fabric it actually was - would you mind posting the composition? Is it a boiled wool? A ponte? Love it!

    1. Sorry, I missed your question.
      The fabric is a woven wool/poly/viscose (and more) mix.