onsdag den 29. april 2015

She Wears The Pants...

and the sweater!

Tuttle Publishing will be releasing the English version of this great Japanese sewing book 'She Wears The Pants' mid May. Yay you say. I know that many sewers have been longing for this release and you won't be disapointed!

There are so many great designs in the 'easy sew-it-Yourself Fashion with an Edgy Urban Style'  book.

One of my favorites - and the first pattern I've tried from the book - is this Top with Epaulettes (no 4 in the book). Mine is just sans epaulettes.

I must admit that I was a little concerned about the sizing. The book includes 4 sizes - XS to L. That's all good - a little small compared to European sizes but okay. Size L is designed for a woman who is 168 cm tall with a 90 cm bust, a 70 cm waist and a 98 cm hip. And that's not me. I'm 10 cm taller and a little wider.

I chose this rather loose fitting top as my first hoping the size L would work for me. And it did. No problem at all. I lengthened the top a bit but apart from that I didn't change a single thing - except omitting the epaulettes. It was in fact loose on me. I did use a knit with only a little hold and very little recovery, but I'm sure the fit would be great even if I had chosen a 'tighter knit' to sew with. Sorry, but you'll just have to take my word for this, 'cause my daughter adopted the top as soon as she saw it, and I only have photos of her wearing it. What I'm trying to say is that this particular pattern does not run small in size. I don't know if the same goes for the rest of the patterns in the book, though.

This was a very easy make - probably the easiest one from the book. Some of the other patters are more advanced but you are guided through every design with sewing instructions and illustrations.

The fabric is from Stofdepotet (used with the wrong side of the fabric facing out - nice right?)

I'm also a big fan of this 'Gathered Blouse' (no 17)

The 'Sarraouel Trousers' and the 'Long Striped Jacket'

The Velour Blouse (this will be my next project from the book)

and the 'Dotted Blouse' and 'Semi-flared Culottes'

Thank you for letting me do this little review, Tuttle Publishing - thumbs up on this one!

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  1. This is one of my favourite books... And my birthday is in may! Yay! The top is amazing and I would never know the fabric is on the wrong side. Very nice!

  2. I made the Sarrouel Trousers (from the Japanese version) in size L, and they are very true to the measurements you give above (which are rather close to mine), so that pattern at least doesn't run big. That's a pity, though :)