lørdag den 2. maj 2015

Apple Blossom Kimono

I made myself a new kimono cardi.

The moment I laid eyes on this beautiful apple blossom satin from Stofdepotet.dk I knew I had to turn it into a long, elegant kimono. Unfortunately the fabric is sold out.

A kimono is a pretty simple make, and you don't necessarily need a pattern to make one, but I wanted a particular silhouette for this one - and Stof2000 released just the pattern I needed recently, so that's what I used this time.

I lengthened the pattern a bit and omitted the splits at the side seams but apart from that no alterations were made. To give the kimono a neater finish I hemmed the bottom and attached the front bands differently from what was suggested in the instructions - so no seams would be visisble at the front.

I love the way this kimono turned out.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Hvor er den bare skøn! Er helt vild med stoffet. Ærgerligt at det er udsolgt.

  2. love your new kimono! fabric is perfect, you have a great eye for prints..