onsdag den 6. maj 2015

My Simpl-inari dress

Combine a couple of your favorite dress patterns and you have yourself a fine new FrankenDress.

For this one I've used my latest crush - the Inari Tee Dress pattern - and my all time favorite top pattern - the Simplicity 1366.

I'm pretty pleased with the cocoon silhouette paired with the dropped shoulders.

The fabric is a crepe georgette from Stof & Stil.

I'm thinking about turning this beautiful piece of silk from my stash into such a Simpl-inari dress. Perfect for summer.

And I have another piece of fabric perfect for the Inari. A blue floral structured jersey from The Sweet Mercerie.

I guess we can conclude that more Inaris are to come.

Plain and ordinary me

My Marilyn Moment

Me trying (too hard) to look sweet and charming - and yes, you can see my not so sexy shorts at the top of the split
Me and my blurry feet

3 kommentarer:

  1. Du ser helt fantastisk ud og snittet er bare lækkert!

  2. So cool, I love this and I would totally wear this myself. And what a pretty fabric!