onsdag den 11. november 2015

The Sweet Mercerie // Inari Tee Dresses and more

Mama got herself a new (not so) little black dress. A comfy black dress. And how I love comfy. And black. And so does my 17 year old daughter. Sigh - yet another 'share dress'. Mama and Luna got themselves a new (not so) little black dress.

The dress is self drafted. It's got extra long tapered sleeves with dropped shoulders and a bateau/boat neckline. I love me a good bateau. The soft, soft, soft 'pashmina' viscose is yummy. Really. Perfect weight for this type of dress and it doesn't crease very much. Like. I've got more plans for this fabric. Some sort of raglan blouse beeing one of the ideas.

Three of my four Inari Dresses are made with fabric from the Sweet Mercerie. I made the first ones back in April.

A couple of months later I made this blue floral version. I practically lived in that dress all summer. The structured jersey fabric is just so so perfect for this design. I'm actually considering making one in the pink colorway as well. Über gorgeous! And so easy to handle.

Last week I made this version of the Inari. A winter friendly long sleeved dress in brushed French terry fabric. Warm and lovely.

The sleeves are self drafted - and I did some minor changes to the Inari pattern. First I changed the curve of the front arm hole/opening a bit; I reduced the width of the opening and raised the arm hole a bit of course both front and back. On the original pattern I find the arm hole to hit a bit too far out on the front part of my shoulder - therefore I sort of scooped a bit off so it hits a little closer to the bust instead of the shoulder if that makes sense?! Then I compared the pattern pieces to a sweatshirt pattern from my stash and modified the sleeve pattern from that sweatshirt to fit the Inari. Easy peasy.

You can buy the Inari Tee Dress pattern at Indiesew.com

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  1. love them all! and wanna steal them all, since it's pretty much the silhouette i'm crazy about for past year or so.. also, that b&w print is to die for

  2. Love it! The black one especially is one I could probably live in...

  3. Just gorgeous, all of them! I really like the stripe-y print but shipping cost is always a killer. Thanks for the links to the fabrics.

  4. Trine, you are a gorgeous woman, and you make gorgeous things that highlight... well.. the fact that you are gorgeous :) Oh I remember the days when I 'shared' some of my mum's clothes hehe