søndag den 6. december 2015

The Blues...

Young Miss Wilma got herself a new comfy outfit.

The softest pants ever she says. The striped sweatshirt fleece is from The Sweet Mercerie. It's a heavy knit with brushed back - so so soft on the skin. I wasn't sure this heavy knit would be the best choice for these pleated Agatha & Theo pants designed by Filles à Maman  - but as you can see the result is quite alright. I do recommend a lighter weight fabric for this pattern though. The fit is great! They have a pretty low rise making them suitable for both boys and girls. In fact the pattern comes with intructions on how to adjust the fit to make them perfect for both girls and boys (lower rise for boys),

The hi-lo sweater is the newly released Mini Briar designed by Megan Nielsen. The Mini Briar is part of Megan's brand new and first collection of children's wear patterns which also includes the Mini Tania Culottes and the Mini Virginia Leggins. As indicated by the names the children's wear patterns are 'Mini Me's of Megan's very popular women's wear patterns.

The Mini Briar pattern includes options for different lengths, neckline finishes, sleeve length, elbow patch, patch pocket and some applique templates.

This sweater is made with loop back terry from Stofdepotet - sold out I'm afraid. Wilma who is 8½ and 142 cm tall has narrow shoulders and upper body, so I chose to make her a size 8/9 in width and lengthened the cropped sweater to a size 10/12. Perfect fit!

Wilma prefers to wear her pants low on her hip, and therefore I found the sweater to be too cropped for these Danish winter months, so I added a band to the bottom of the sweater = no tummy flashing.


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  1. Very cool outfit. The pants look very stylish and comfortable.