onsdag den 10. januar 2018

The Millie Dress - International Blogtour

....Nicky, you had me at 'ruffles'.

'Millie' is the first pattern release from the Dutch 'Mix it Make it' blogger/designer, and the 'she' has already taken the sewing community by storm.

The pattern includes sizes 2-12, comes with short/long sleeve options - and if ruffles aren't your thing you can easily leave them out (the pattern includes a separate bodice version for the ruffle-less dress, so all the work is done for you).

I'm definetely still into ruffles - and luckily so is the recipient of my most recent make.

Wilma is a big girl now. Soon to be 11 years old and 160 cm tall, so I made her the largest size. The original raised waist Millie dress with attached gathered skirt is adorable, but Wilma is more in the need of tees and tops, so I modified the pattern a bit.

I began with the 'no ruffle' bodice which I lengthened by 15 cm. Instead of doing vertical ruffles I made a V. I simply marked the centre front fold 10 cm down from the neckline and drew a line from the middle of the shoulder to that point. Then cut the bodice in half at that line - and added seam allowances where I separated the pattern, so I could attach the ruffle. The piece I used for the ruffle is about 100 cm long and 6 cm wide. I finished one of the long edges with a narrow serger seam (I attempted to do a narrow rolled hem with my serger - but my serger didn't agree with me. Serger: 1 Trine: 0). Next I  gathered and sewed the ruffle onto the bodice and finally assambled the top as described in the instructions. I've inserted a narrow elastic through a casing at the bottom hem. At these photos the top is pulled down and sits on her high hip. When she wears some more high waisted bottoms the top will also look cute and puffy with the elastic placed at her waist.

The fabric is a dark blue modal jersey that I got a loooong time ago from Stofdepotet, I believe. 

Photo bombed by the (accidentally color coordinated) big brother and his beloved basketball.

That's right, babygirl - dab and defense!



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  1. You always seem to end up with totally different patterns when you participate in a blog tour ;) But I'm such a fan of your style and this is once again spot on!

    1. Haha - you’re right, Eva, I do love me a good hack. And thanks for your always kind and encouraring comments.

  2. I love it!! Never would have thought about hacking the Millie into this. Brilliant idea.

  3. Brilliant, it almost makes me want to like dark blue :-)
    And what a great photo with her brother, by the way!

  4. Love your version of the Millie Dress, this one would also be very much appreciated by my daughter. May I just copy you? ;-):-)

  5. Such a simple but sophisticated hack. Makes the Millie dress a lot more suitable for a nearly 11 year old like my daughter, would love this as much as I do.

  6. Denne kommentar er fjernet af forfatteren.

  7. Beautiful Millie and beautiful kids!