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The Pirate Princess // Japansese Sewing Books

It's no secret that I have a soft spot for Japanese sewing books/patterns. I'm attracted to the often simple and easy to wear yet imo beautiful and elegant Japanese clothing style. 

Therefore I didn't hesitate to accept when Tuttle Publishing asked if I would be interested in reviewing some of their English translated Japanese pattern books. 

It's not the first time I use Japanese patterns for children's clothes. I remember when I first tried a Japanese pattern - I was worried that the fit wouldn't be great for my tall and slender kids. Surprisingly I found the pattern/fit to be equal to European sizes and not small/short at all as I would have expected. I can't say that this goes for every Japanese sewing pattern but it was also the case with the two patterns I've used for this outfit below. 

The pattern for the top is design g 'Tiered Blouse' from the book 'Happy Homemade: Sew Chic Kids'. 4 pattern pieces and a ribbon and then you have the most adorable blouse! I mean - just look at that blouse. I love it. The fabric is a soft, gray chambray from The Sweet Mercerie

There are 20 different designs in this book from sizes 2-8. Wilma is a European size 9 or 10 (140) but the size 8 from this book is absolutely not to small for her. I made the top a little while ago and I might have lengthened it a bit but honestly I can't remember. That's the only alteration if any. A while back I made Bertram shorts based on a pattern from the same book. He's also a European size 10 but the size 8 from this book is spot on!

Most of the designs from the book are pretty simple - some are a little more challenging, but you are guaranteed at great outcome no matter which pattern you choose, I'm sure of that. 

The bermudas are based on 'Basic Pattern 4' from the book 'Sewing for your girls'. This is as simple as it gets! Two front pieces and two back pieces and there you have it. I did change the pattern a bit and added a separate waistband instead of just folding down the top of the pants to create a casing for the elastic as suggested. Just my personal preference. This book is a a little different from the other Japanse sewing books I have. This book has 8 basic patterns and 7 applied patterns to make variations of the basics. You are guided through every single design and all techniques used in the book; how to sew on a button, how to make double-folded and single-folded edging, how to create at back opening etc. A great and very detailed book. I probably chose the easiest design from the book but I really wanted to make some sweet, simple (pirate) shorts to go with the top. In fact it was Wilma who chose the shorts. I also suggested a skirt, but she wanted shorts, so shorts she got! Fabric from Stofdepotet.dk 

I love how this outfit turned out. Wilma is pretty pleased as well.  



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