torsdag den 27. august 2015

The Indiesew Fall Collection Tour

Just the other day Indiesew launched their Fall Collection 2015 which includes 5 patterns.

This lucky dame has been invited on the Indiesew Fall Collection Tour and has chosen to work with the Cabin Dress pattern

The pattern includes both a dress and a blouse version. I give you the 'Floral Silk Cabin Blouse - gathered not pleated' (how I wish I could get Sean Connery to say this: 'Gathered - not pleated')

I adore me a good pleat - but I also love me a good gather, so I tried this simple alteration to the pattern and it worked out just as I had hoped and imagined. I also lengthened both front and back a bit and curved the hemline. Very simple alterations indeed. Furthermore I skipped the bias tape hemming and did a narrow hem on both sleeves and bodice and drafted a facing for the neck. 

I am somewhere between the Cabin size 8 and 10. Based on the finished measurements I made the size 8 and the fit is great. 

I'm very pleased with the outcome. Elegant and comfy. Very pleased indeed. 

The silk is from Stofdepotet - sold out I'm afraid. 


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  1. Den er godtnok pæn! Og det er dine ting iøvrigt altid :-)

  2. Oh, how I love this blouse! Especially with the gathers, nice job!

  3. Hvor er den fin den bluse! Den gad jeg godt ha:)