fredag den 30. september 2016

Silk Crepe de Chine - you gorgeous fabric you....

I've worked with crepe and crepe de chine before - the poly(blend) kind of fabric, but this is my first go with the real deal, the gorgeous silk crepe de chine from The Fabric Store! Liberty silk crepe de chine to be specific. If I could afford it I would wear nothing else! Soft, drapey and actually pretty easy to work with. Put that microtex needle in your machine and sew away!

I knew from the moment I laid my hands on this fabric that I would turn it into 'something loose fitting'. I do love me a beautiful and fitted dress but I know from experience that a loose fitting something would get much much more wear. And this fabric deserves to get worn over and over again!

I had an idea in my mind and by combining the (slightly modified) top version of the Inari Tee (Dress) with an also slightly modified version of the skirt part from the Emery Dress I was able to create the comfy yet elegant loose fitting dress of my dreams.

2 kommentarer:

  1. This is so lovely! You'll get years of wear out of it. I swear by silk crepe de chine and spend most of my summer in it. It's definitely worth the investment (although I am getting spoilt in that it is vastly more affordable here in the USA than Australia) - even so, I still have silk crepe de chine dresses (from australia) and pj pants that look like new after three years even with constant wear around kid and repeated machine washing.

  2. Your hair is so beautiful in these pics! And so is your dress! I prefer fitted clothing for myself, but everytime I see your makes I feel like I need a loose fit dress ;-)