mandag den 30. januar 2017

Butterick B6370 Coatigan and a sack...

I always have room for one more coatigan. Always. And this one is a bit different from the coatigans I usually sew.

Butterick B6370 is very loose fitting and has a front that extends into a draped collar. A couple of darts in the front (hidden under the collar) add a little shaping and hold to the collar. The coatigan is unlined but designed with a front facing. I skipped the facing - didn't have enough fabric - and just did a couple of flat felled seams and hemmed the front instead. I used a rather light weight wool blend for the jacket.

I really like the outcome. A camel colored coatigan is always a good idea, right?!

The dress. Well, if the coatigan is simple I don't know how to describe the dress. Four seams, friends, four seams. No hemming.

I was supposed to do a Vogue V1482 with this beautiful pale pink pleated satin from The Sweet Mercerie. I had the front cut out when I realised that I didn't have enough fabric! So, I had to be creative and make my own and super simple cocoon sack dress.





5 kommentarer:

  1. Wow! Your outfit is soooo stylish! Yet again ☺️

  2. That dress is stunning! I Love it! Did you just put 2 retancles with a neckline together?

    1. No. The dress is Cocoon shaped and has batwing sleeves.

  3. was it not necessary to seem? or to overlock? Its very nice!