torsdag den 9. februar 2017

Laure Dress by StraightGrain

Oh, the joys of beeing a sewing blogger's child.

The occational bribes and a potential pneumonia - that's just part of the routine when you're trying to please your blogger mum who has (yet another) oh so important deadline.

'Of course I'll pose bare armed in the snow for you, mum - anytime'!

No kid was harmed during the photo shoot, I promise. It was cold but fast. And to sympathize with Wilma I wore flipflops during the shoot. Our sessions are mostly done just outside our house and last for about 3 minutes. Tops!

The Tattooed Snow Queen is wearing a slightly modified version of my sweet and talented friend An of StraightGrain's newly released pattern the Laure Dress.

The Laure is a mix-and-match pattern with multiple dress, collar and sleeve options.

Laure is first and foremost inspired by the Qipao Dress which dates back to 1920s Shanghai. A truly beautiful design - and I will definetely try that version at some point. I have just the perfect fabric in mind.

Wilma doesn't have that many tunics/blouses to wear with her beloved jeggings at the moment so I decided to turn the Laure into such. The pattern does not include this shorter version but it's so easy to adapt. I simply cut the dress at waist length and added the (shortened) skirt that comes with the drop waist version of pattern. Et voila - a Laure Blouse.

This is the 'fine mandarin collar and cap sleeve' version of the pattern.

The pale pink cotton fabric from Stofdepotet has a subtle silver thread down the stripes. It's almost linen like in the structure. Adorable.

I've got nothing but love for An's patterns. They are extremely well drafted and the instructions are so great and detailed.


Be sure to visit these amazing ladies to see their versions of the Laure Dress.

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  1. You must be a great photographer if your shoots just take 3 minutes. They're always amazing! As is the tunic. I had guessed you would go for the qipao-style, since it somehow makes me think of the dresses you sew for yourself. But I think I love this even more! The pale pink is so beautiful on Wilma.

  2. Oh I adore this tunic version! Perfect 'hack'

  3. Oh Trine... This is such a briljant hack. The result is so beautiful, and the pictures seem to come right out of an expensive catalogue! But aaaargh, that fabric makes me feel SO sorry that I don't live in Denmark. If it weren't for those ridiculous Danish shipping costs, that fabric would be on its way to me as we speak! xo

  4. Oh and that bit about potential pneumonia make me laugh so hard :-D

  5. That fabric is amazing and so it this top! Your taste is perfect!

  6. my god, I'm in love with Wilma's hair!

  7. Perfection. And 3 minutes for a shoot, you go girl!!!

  8. This is so lovely as a tunic! Beautiful fabric, too.

  9. What a gorgeous top! Simple, but oh so beautiful.

  10. Oh the life of a kid of a sewing blogger hahaha I was just negotiating an after-school shoot with my daughter tonight haha Love this tunic version Trine. It goes very well with your young queen's jeggings :)

  11. Gorgeous Trine! Brave Wilma being photographed in the cold!