mandag den 22. december 2014

Cocoon Scuba Dress

En cocoon kjole i mørkeblå scuba fra Stof og Stil. Simpel og vanvittigt behagelig i juledagene.

Nothing much. Just a simple, comfy cocoon dress in scuba fabric. A perfect hiding place for Christmas. 

6 kommentarer:

  1. I need such a dress in my life (not just for the festive feast ;)) ! Did you draft it yourself or is there a pattern you can recommend?! Discovered scuba only recently (for my Christmas Dress... which doesn't leave a lot of room for dessert, unfortunately ;) ) - it makes this style of dress plainly chic... awesome!

    1. I've used the blouse pattern from Simplicity 1366 and then turned it into a dress :-)